Melrose Rugby Football Club

Melrose Sevens 2000

Guest Teams

Villager - Stellenbosch - Christchurch - Nawaka - Oxford University

Villager FC

sevens99: Watsonians v Villager

Villager F.C. founded in 1875 is South Africa's oldest Rugby Club and will be making a fourth appearance at Melrose having played in 1994,1995 and last year when they reached the final where they lost to Gala. Villager has produced some 50 'Springboks' most notably Joel Stransky, Christian Stewart and Percy Montgomery who are among the players to have appeared at the greenyards.

Villager on their way to the final in last years tournament

Stellenbosch University

sevens99: Peebles v Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch University also make a fourth visit to the home of sevens and, in the earlier rounds looked last year's most likely Winners. However, they 'ran out of steam' in the semi-final losing a close, high scoring tie 26 - 31 to Gala. The club has now produced over 150 'Springboks' including 14 who have captained the national side. Of those who have played at Melrose, Breyton Paulse and Bobby Skinstadt have gone on to represent their country.

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