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Christchurch F.C.

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Christchurch F.C. is one of New Zealand's leading clubs playing at Christchurch Park in New Zealand's largest city. The club was founded in 1863, just eight years after Christchurch itself was founded in 1855.

Christchurch has an excellent record in sevens tournaments in the Canterbury area over the last five years and club chairman, Mike Ambler, says they are looking forward to their trip to Melrose and preparations are already in hand to ensure their side is at peak form when they arrive. Although team selection will not be made for some time, former Club Captain and sevens Team Manager, Trevor Thompson, has been appointed Manager and former Wairarapa Bush and Canterbury player, Andrew Langley will be coach.

It is also of some local interest that former Melrose player and member of the winning seven at Melrose in 1975,Gordon (Hoss) Smith played for some years for Christchurch and was, until two years ago, their senior Team coach.

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