Melrose, Scotland.  Welcome to Melrose, Scottish Borders River Tweed in Melrose, Scotland.
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Border Eco Systems

Elm Bank
Tel: 01835 869669
E-mail: [email protected]
Web Site: Border Eco Systems Biomass Boilers

At Border Eco Systems Ltd we can provide all the services required to get you started in Biomass Heating. We can cover everything from design right through to the supply of your wood fuel.

These Biomass boilers can be used with different wood fuels ranging from logs to wood chips and wood pellets. Each individual system can be tailored to suit your own individual requirements.

Biomass is produced from organic materials, either directly from plants or indirectly from agricultural products. It is also known as bio energy or bio fuels. A wood burning central heating system can utilize a sustainable source of energy, namely timber grown in our local forests, and therefore becomes a link in the carbon neutral cycle. When the wood burns it produces carbon dioxide and water vapour this along with the sunshine is essential in the growth of new trees.