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Borders Youth Theatre

Playing to packed houses on both evenings the Borders Youth Theatre performed Romeo and Juliet at St Marys School. Superbly directed, designed and produced by Clare Brett, Chris Vinz and Ian Yellowlees respectively the production was a remarkable feat considering the preparation time was one week.
Praise must also go to the entire cast with the young actors acquitting themselves extremely well. Particularly impressive performances came from Charlotte Watson (Juliet), Adam Stevenson (Romeo), Nurse (Hanna Durham) and Mercutio (Angus Yellowlees).

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Borders Youth Theatre

St Marys School Hosts Theatre

Drama in Melrose

Romeo and Juliet at St Marys School

Shakespearean Drama in Borders

Youth Theatre perform Romeo and Juliet

Montague and Capulet Fued

Shakespearean Tragedy

True Love in Drama

Borders Youth Performance

Youth Drama in the Scottish Borders

Mercutio is Slain

Romeo Extracts Revenge

Tybalt is Dead

Romeo is Banished

Juliet in Great Distress

The Plot Thickens

Directed by Clare Brett

Designed by Chris Vinz

Produced by Ian Yellowlees

Drama in Melrose

Great Performances


Enjoying the Warm Evening

Date: 28/07/2008