Melrose, Scotland.  Welcome to Melrose, Scottish Borders River Tweed in Melrose, Scotland.
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Melrose Festival - Tour of Ceremonies

The traditional Tour of Ceremonies took part in what can only be described as either on tap air conditioning or liquid sunshine - however this did not dampen the enthusiasm of either the participants or the crowds who came out to watch at the stop-off points.

Melrosian Iain Oliver

Queen Erin and Her Court

Melrosian at Gattonside

The Principals at Abbotsford

Melrose Masons and Rome

Gattonside and its Orchards

Moving off to Abbotsford

Melrosian Queen and Court at Abbotsford

Darnick Tower and the Reivers

Melrose Abbey King David and the Monks

Lunch - and The Eildon Hill Race

The End - for 2007 - See You Next Year

Date: 24/06/2007