Melrose Festival 2001

Appointment Night
Charles Robson, Melrosian Elect 2001
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The Melrosian Elect with Right and Left Hand Men

The Melrosian Elect's Speech

Charles Robson was appointed Melrosian Elect for 2001 on Friday 4th May, outside the Corn Exchange. In front of a gathering of townsfolk he said:

Four years ago I stood amongst you as my brother, Laing was appointed; I never thought that the honour of Melrosian would fall to me, but tonight it has and I am the happiest man in Melrose.

Now I know why I was asked to be in the Melrosian "It's a Knockout" team! It should have given me a clue not to book any foreign holidays for this season. However, unlike Government Ministers I shall heed their advice and holiday in Scotland - Hawick, Selkirk, Galashiels - the grand tour of the Border Festivals and Common Ridings and I promise that with the support of Greig and Gavin, I shall be a good ambassador for Melrose.

Thank you Mr Chairman, and your lovely wife for appointing me; the school children of Melrose for their guard of honour; the St Boswells Silver Band and my mother and father - who thought that they would be able to enjoy a quiet summer this year.

Finally my thanks to you all for your best wishes and generosity, I hope I can live up to your expectations and we all enjoy a memorable Melrose Festival.

Former Melrosian and Brother Laing said "Although it is with a heavy heart I hand over my sash and take a step back from the limelight it is with great pleasure to have tradition also run in the family. As they say 'Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm' Charles always did manage the stormy water."

Charles and Laing's parent, Sheila and Ian Robson, run Marmions Brasserie and Fauhope Bed & Breakfast

Melrose Festival 2001