Melrose Festival 1999

The Festival Queen and Court

Heather Emond - Lauren Gracie - Angela McCracken - Andrew Wilson - Kurt Abernethy - Dino Forte - Callum Helps - Nikki Moffat - Debbie Young

Kurt Abernethy, Crown and Sceptre.

Kurt is eleven years old and enjoys football, snowboarding, skiing and mountain biking. He is also interested in art and computers.
 I am very pleased to be the bearer of the Crown and Sceptre in this year's Festival. 

Dino Forte, Herald.

Dino is 12 years old and plays rugby and football. He also enjoys mountain biking, skateboarding, listening to music and has played the violin.
 I am pleased to be Herald after having worked hard to be included in this year's Festival. My father was a Herald in 1967 and I am glad that I don't have to wear the same black tights!. 

Callum Helps, Herald.

Callum plays football, rugby, cricket, swimming, golf, tennis, hockey and snooker. He also enjoys swimming, athletics, crosswords and playing the piano. He is a keen supporter of Melrose Rugby Football Club.
 I was surprised and happy to be choosen and I look forward to the events. I wanted to be involved in the Festival because my sister Becky was a trainbearer two years ago and had a really good time. 

Nikki Moffat, Trainbearer.

Nikki is six years old and enjoys gymnastics, swimming, horse riding and bicycling. She likes to read books and is interested in rainbows.
 I am very happy and excited, looking forward to the Festival. 

Debbie Young, Trainbearer.

Debbie is 6 years old and enjoys gymnastics, tennis and swimming. She also enjoys riding her bicycle, walking her dog and helping on the farm.
 I am very pleased and excited, I will do my best to be a good trainbearer. Best wishes to Heather. 

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Melrose Festival 1999