Melrose Festival 1999

The Festival Queen and Court

Heather Emond - Lauren Gracie - Angela McCracken - Andrew Wilson - Kurt Abernethy - Dino Forte - Callum Helps - Nikki Moffat - Debbie Young

Heather Emond, Festival Queen.

Heather is twelve years old and plays netball and hockey. She is interested in drawing and art, reading, writing, dancing and researching wild animals. She also plays the keyboard.
 I am very pleased to be chosen as Festival Queen. I was a bit surprised at first but now I am looking forward to the Festival. 

Lauren Gracie, Attendant.

Lauren is eleven years old and plays netball, hockey, cricket, rugby, badminton, table tennis and water polo. She plays the keyboard and is interested in dancing, acting, and reading.
 I am thrilled to be choosen as attendant and very excited. I hope the week turns out to be a great success. 

Angela McCracken, Attendant.

Angela is twelve years old and plays hockey and netball. She enjoys drawing, art, listening to music, reading, cooking and swimming.
 I am really delighted to be in the court. I can't wait for all the events, it's a great honour to be in this year's court. 

Andrew Wilson, Procclamation.

Andrew is eleven years old and enjoys cricket, swimming, skiing and cycling. He likes computing, drawing and model painting.
 I was very proud to be chosen and I look forward to a great week. Becoming a member of court was a great surprise to me and I wish the Melrosian and Court an enjoyable week. 

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Melrose Festival 1999