Melrose Pipe Band Championship 2001



Grade Two. 1st Trophy + 170.00 2nd.120.00 3rd 100.00 4th 90.00

Grade Three. 1st Trophy + 140.00 2nd 105.00 3rd 95.00 4th 80.00

Best Juvenile Band not in prize list. 75.00.

Grade Four. 1st Trophy + 110.00 2nd 95.00 3rd 80.00 4th 65.00

Novice Juvenile. 1st Trophy + 105.00 2nd 85.00 3rd 75.00 4th 60.00.

Adult Drum Majors. 1st Trophy + 35.00 2nd 20.00 3rd 12.00 4th 8.00.

Juvenile Drum Majors. 1st Trophy

  1. Band Instructions.
    Grade Two :To submit one named selection 4/6 minutes duration.
    Grade Three : To submit one named selection 3/5 minutes duration.
    Grade Four & Novice Juvenile:: To submit one 2.3/4 to 4.1/2 minutes in
    Quick march rhythm.
  2. Bands may play one grade higher. Late entries may be accepted on the day.if accepted will be asked to play first.
  3. 3.Bands may be asked to play for drum majors.
  4. Entry Fees All Grades 6.00 Adult Drum Majors 2.00. Juvenile Drum Majors 1.00.
  5. Bands are expected to play in the march past weather permitting.
  6. Bands are requested to play along the High Street at close of the contest.
  7. No trophies to be taken outside the United Kingdom.
  8. Closing date for entries 14th July 2001.The Draw will take place on Monday 16th July 2001 at 19.30hrs.

Cheques to be made payable to R.S.P.B.A. Lothian & Borders Branch.
All entries to Mr W McMorran 13.Kirkbauk, Symington Biggar, Lanarkshire Ml12 6LB.
Tel. 01899 308385. Mobile 07880 795261.

Please enclose a Stamp addressed envelope for the Draw.

July 2001